Modern Hotel in Taoyuan City

  • Verified quarantine hotel
  • 3 meals daily provided
  • Room size of 22 m² (237 ft²)
  • Confirmation within 24 hours


This hotel in Taoyuan City belongs to an international hotel chain. It has excellent ratings for cleanliness, comfort and service.

This hotel requires credit card information as guarantee upon confirmation of booking.

★★This hotel is fully booked until the end of January 2022.★★



  • Air conditioning
  • Wifi
  • TV
  • Hair dryer
  • Essentials
  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee/tea maker
  • Bathtub
  • Kitchen
  • Washer
  • Dryer



  • Training of staff on cleaning protocol
  • Daily temperature check on staff
  • Daily disinfection of common areas
  • Immediate disinfection of rooms after usage
  • Individual air conditioning for each room




Fee for 15 days of stay: NT$37,500
Booking fee: NT$800
Total fee: NT$38,300


How to book

  1. Send request to book
  2. Pay booking fee of NT$800 to confirm booking
  3. Receive confirmation email with the hotel's info
  4. Provide credit card information to the hotel as guarantee within 24 hours of receiving the confirmation email
  5. Pay full amount at the hotel upon arrival


Cancellation policy

  • Your booking fee will be fully refunded if you cancel your booking before receiving the confirmation email.
  • If you cancel your booking after receiving the confirmation email, none of your booking fee will be refunded.



Why is OWNRIDES providing quarantine hotels?
OWNRIDES has been the most recommended online platform for booking drivers for tour in Taiwan since 2017 so many customers trust us and are asking us to help them (or their friends and family) find and book quarantine hotels now too. To make it easy for them, OWNRIDES is providing this online platform for booking hotels (and apartments) for quarantine.

Why are the hotels undisclosed?
The hotels are undisclosed because they do not want their guests in quarantine to be disturbed and also do not want to be discriminated against for being quarantine hotels in the future.

Why choose hotels in Taoyuan?
Hotels in Taoyuan are nearer to the airport so you spend the least time travelling to the hotel after your tiring flight and also the least taxi fare to get from the airport to the hotel. Hotels in Taoyuan are also more spacious and cheaper than hotels in Taipei. For the same price, you can get a bigger room in Taoyuan. Or for the same room size, you can get it at a lower price in Taoyuan.


Have question?

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"I couldn't call through to the government agency so I decided to give Ownrides a try. Steve was always ready to answer questions and reply quickly. I'm very grateful for his kind assistance. Thank you ownrides!" - Tsai

"The room is as shown on the website, very spacious and clean. I highly recommend using Ownrides service." - Henry